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 Celestial Crowns Shower Caps
Slumber Bonnets and Treatment Caps

So much money is spent on our hair, why not protect the style in the shower by investing in a quality shower cap?  My 8-10-gauge, mold resistant shower crowns are comfortable, durable and versatile. Celestial Crowns Shower Caps are available in  "Mini-Crowns", Large & X-Large sizes. My XL Shower Crowns have a unique feature, a wider thicker band for longer, heavier hair, providing a more secure fit. Made in America, Celestial Crowns Shower Caps last and last...

Current Selections:

• What Kinda Ducky Are U?!?!?! (New Selection)
Good Vibes (New Selection)
Jammin In My Shower (New Selection)
• Red Hot Chili Pepper (New Selection)
• GOT FaithLoveHappiness???
Hot Chocolate
Celestial Souls Shower Crown
It's Platinum Baby!!
• Homage to Marcus

"Please Don't Worry"
Going Green
Livin' A Golden Life
• Twilight
• Serengeti
• Marooned in My Shower

So whether you have Luxurious Locs, Awesome Afros, BeDazzling Braids, Tantalizing Twists, WoW-Em' Weaves, Perfect Perms, or SilkyStraight Hair, "Celestial Crowns" are designed to protect any hairstyle. "Mini-Crowns" are great for anyone just wanting a slightly fuller, sturdier, funkier shower cap. Celestial Crowns make for a great bathroom conversation piece! Celestial Crowns are reasonably priced starting at $10.00 with discounts available..Get your "Shower Crown" TODAY. Shop safely at our on-line store using  PAYPAL ONLY!!

(Go to GALLERY for approx. sizing.)


                                  Shown:"Spa Time" (Mini) and "Party On RockStar" (Large)

Celestial  Shower Crowns Court

                     Print Selection                                                      Solid Selection                       


"OMG, Margie!!!  I got it from the mailbox this morning and jst finished a shower w/ it!!! U have reaffirmed for me how powerful a divinely guided woman CAN BE in this world!!! U GO Girl!!! It is an amazingly beautiful, high quality, artistic masterpiece!!! ...NTM REEEALLLY LAARRRGE!!!...I was always bursting out of the little piddly stuff they sold as "one size fits all"! NOW, U've more than made up for that whole year of my daily longing for a new shower hat! ...But I never dared to dream of anything quite this magnificent!!! It was so big for me that I had to tie a little "topknot" in the center top! It was either that or learn to toss pizza dough!!! U are a beautiful example of what GREAT QUALITY can come from a POWERFUL WOMAN!!!  ...Especially one who is not encumbered by the small headed thinking of corporate greed!!! CONGRATULATIONS U WONDERFUL WOMAN!!!" Love U, Iadora - Oakland, CA

"I want to tell you how much i love these shower caps. It was so hard for me to find a shower cap that would fit over my large cranium and dreads. these crowns are plenty large enough and are very durable. i bought two almost 16 months ago and the 2nd one is only now worn out and The only thing that wears out on them is the elastic stretches out."- Matt S.  Pennsylvania

My large slumber cap arrived on Friday, and I have slept in it twice. I really love it and am so glad that I discovered your site. I can't say enough about how excited I was to receive it and put it on. It fits great and accommodates my hair better than ANY store bought cap I've ever picked up. I may try the XL size, just to see how much room my hair takes up. If I were Oprah, I would be giving these away as one of my "Favorite Things." I'll definitely be back to order more as my hair needs change. I'm currently wearing a shoulder length wash-n-go, but am seriously considering starting locs. I am extremely satisfied.Again, thanks so much,


"Well, Margie let me tell you something, these shower caps are to die for. I am thrilled about them and so is everyone I have shown them to. The choices, sizes and colors are great. I cannot express enough how amazing I think these are! I showed them to my friend and he commented about how well made they are and added that I need to collaborate with you quickly because you will be taking off. He is CORRECT! I will be spreading the word about you and your much needed designs. I will also be taking these to all of my upcoming Natural Hair Signature Events. Love every design you sent." --Candace Kelley, Founder Curl Prep Natural Hair Solutions—

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Protect your hair with Celestial Crowns Slumber Bonnets and at the same time, enjoy the beauty and softness of elegant crepe satin. After many  requests finally we’ve developed a  Slumber Crown equal in functionality, quality and appeal as my Celestial Crowns Shower Caps.

Celestial Crowns Slumber Bonnets were created to protect your hair at night, yet attractive and comfortable enough to wear during the day. Slumber Crowns are made using the same dimensions as my Celestial Crowns Shower Caps. They are available in Mini, Large and Extra-Large …so you know they can accommodate lots of hair and rollers too! Celestial Crowns Slumber Bonnets come in Black (Sweet Celestial Dreams), Gold (Twinkle Twinkle Celestial Stars), True Pink (Ooo So Pretty In Pink) and Purple (YOUR MAJESTY).

Slumber Crowns make unique gifts for others and yourself as well.  Perfect for all hair types, natural or relaxed.

Care Advice: Treat as delicate washable.. Hand wash your Slumber Crown in a gentle detergent. Allow to air dry or tumble dry on low setting. I toss w/ a dryer sheet to inhibit static and wrinkles.


            Slumber Crowns (forward view)        

L-R: Mini Bonnet Gold 
       XL Print Bonnet (frill no longer avail)
       Large Black Bonnet (frill no longer avail)


                 Slumber Crowns (profile)

 L-R: Twinkle Twinkle Celestial Stars
             Celestial Bouquet 2U from Me
             Sweet Celestial Dreams
Not pictured: Ooo So Pretty In Pink 
                     and YOUR MAJESTY 

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